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Indee Killed the Popstar

Jennifer Zuiff’s operatic and classical training allows for a “superhuman vocal range that calls to the heavens” capturing the attention of many.  
The hybrid vocals and unique style have been described as healing with authentic minglings of Jeff Buckley, Joni Mitchell, and Fiona Apple.
Through the experimentation of blending an array of instruments, songwriting and pulling from various genres ranging from classical, jazz, dream and modern pop, psych rock, folk, and  alternative Jennifer has crafted a niche sound.  Her genreless attitude eventually evolved into Indee Killed the Pop Star.
In 2018 Jennifer landed on Spotify’s "New Music Friday" playlist with "Open Highway Headstart" from her alternate project Cold Arizona. Together with her single "Colors" she is now at over 400K streams to date.
As a frequent and memorable performer based out of Atlanta, Indee brings to the listener a unique sound all her own.  There is no question why she was crowned Creative Loafing's coveted "Best Vocalist of Atlanta 2018."
Indee Killed the Pop Star can be found on all major streaming services leaving her fans anticipating the release of her debut EP “The Climb” to be out fall of 2019.




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When I first wrote Colors I was being a typical youth living everyday going with the flow instead of taking it by its reigns. This song was a personal message to me to tmake something greater of myself instead of wasting precious time not doing what I love. -Indee


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